The Common Folk RP Haven

The Gist: Not every man of the world travels the lands, not every woman takes up with kith and kin to wage battle with the forces that lurk beyond their front stoop.

Who?: The Common Folk is a Lord of the Rings Online RP Haven (formerly a kinship) on the Landroval server. Our pure role-play expression is simply one of the common folk of the land, whether Man or Dwarf or Hobbit or Elf. We are farmers and tailors and very great cooks, and we are woodsmen and we even tinker with our anvils. Our hearts do not hanker for adventure beyond a good day's work for a good day's wage - perhaps a pint of ale after!

A Bit More: The original idea of The Commmon Folk was a kinship, and apparently similar kinship sprouted and just as readily vanished over time. The Common Folk kinship failed for lack of participation of officers and generally most kin mates who joined and then also vanished. Instead, The Common Folk RP Haven is now born - not a kinship, just a resource for RPing as commoners. Common-folkers can be anyone, at the spur of the moment or through regular events, and all a Common-folker does is role-play only being a 'common person'. I suggest that traditional common activities that occur during the day should end when the sun goes down, and traditional nightly activities should occur when you come home from the fields (to the inn!). I suggest that when role-playing a commoner, dress in the most common clothes, hide away those weapons and special flashy things/pets, and just get down to the business of being a regular person. We're just good folks tilling the earth, holding farmers' markets and enjoying a nice pint in the local inn. All races have Common Folk. Please also read my definition of the terms Common and Role Play.

Some More: The Common Folk is a way to unwind and just give a little more life to the wonderful lands of Middle-earth. Pop-in when you can, drink some ale and farm with us on good sunny days. COme to a Farmers' Market too! All kinds of interesting role-play events can come up!

Joining The RP Haven: The Common Folk is not a kinship - this is just a resource for learning about and integrating these RP concepts into being a Common-folker. To learn more about The Common Folk, read this wiki and also contact Rerilac in-game. You can contact Rerilac via email at etsubmariner @ or IM in the LoTRO forums under the screen name, ETSubmariner.

The Founder: The Common Folk RP Haven is maintained by Rerilac Bumbleroot, a Hobbit. He is the nephew of Weigela Bumbleroot (formerly a Greenhand), Son of Ansono Bumbleroot. To learn more about The Common Folk, read this wiki and also contact Rerilac in-game.

Why a Wiki?: Rerilac choose a wiki instead of a guildportal because of the role-play opportunities a wiki can create. His vision of this wiki is to build up some common role-play scenarios, share actual common-folk knowledge (real farming tips, actual wood cutting skills, etc) that would help a Common Folk-er role-play with better depth. Certain pages will be protected to avoid changes, but the Common Folk Almanac pages will be for anyone to add real world tips and skill know-how about being 'common'. Just contact Rerilac if you add a page of juicy RP info, and he can link it.

Where We Advertise The RP Haven:

  • This wiki of course

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