The Common Watch

There's Baywatch, there's the Midwatch and now there's The Common Watch! This handy bit of role-playing helps to build up the seemingly endless army of commoners that abound everywhere. The concept is to go stand along the road and gossip. Yup, even if you're by yourself (see also the sub-article NPC Sociability and Pranking). I tried this out, and found it to be both rewarding and sometimes hilariously fun(ny). I created some shortcuts for my button bars, standard sayings that played on the ones you see from NPCs as you pass them. I'd rip one of those off as a player passed by, and in most cases the player simply stopped, turned and looked. I'd then /wave and Hullo! You know, that sorta thing.

The Common Watch in pairs: Given two participants, it would be great to create two-person-two-response conversations. Commoners love to gossip, and change the subject frequently. For example ~

Commoner #1: I hear the Bounders are Bounding all around these days. Makes a body wonder.

Commoner #2: I hear the Bounders are asking for money now too! In my day, being a Bounder was hard work and no pay!

Commoner #1: I'm famished. I wonder what the Golden Perch is serving up today?

Commoner #2: Fish, if those fool Hobbits know what's good cooking and what's bad cooking!

And so on.--Common Folk 04:17, 31 May 2009 (UTC)

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