My Definition of the Terms Common & Role Playing Edit

The Common Folk RP Haven is all about role playing commoners, but what do those terms mean in relation to the game, and what do I find acceptable and not acceptable? Commoners are those people of Middle-earth who would not normally go on adventures or otherwise seek fame and glory through battle with evil. Commoners would pick up a sword in a pinch if their lives depended on it, their families, such things are quite all right. Typical commoners as written by the Professor would certainly include the Ol' Gaffer and Barliman Butterbur. Most Hobbits of the Shire would never go on an adventure, which is not the same as being a young hooligan in their tweens. We're the folks who stay behind when others go off to war, weeping and shaking our heads at the awfulness of it.

The term Role Play means a few things, but I want everyone to know what I mean it to be - we take on the persona's of characters we've devised to fill Middle-earth with commoners doing everyday regular things (farming, hunting, fishing, eating, etc). In LoTRO, we have various chat channels that can be useful for RPing, the most important of which is /say. Next on the list is the /rp channel, but many folks don't even have that channel turned on anyway. Our allies, the Bounders of the Shire, also use /regional to RP in, and the pretense is that the /regional channel is actually a room or an inn or some such where we all are located. As the Founder of The Common Folk RP Haven, I will feel free to use these channels for RP, and do so being the best damn commoner I can.

The Thought Police: I wanted to create this page for helping others know the boundaries I set or acceptable actions I hope everyone would want to follow. There happens to be one player on the Landroval server who insists that anyone who RPs in any way other than just /say is not RPing properly or within the narrow definition of their play style; you just can't be in Stock and chatting with someone in Hobbiton* basically. Of course, this belief is entirely OK! The problem is that this particular player is constantly at some of us, any time and a lot. That is inexcusable, and I won't tolerate it becoming harassment. I don't expect that you will agree with me or with that other player (who will be very obvious, and so won't be named here). If that other player is troubling you, please refuse to respond or add that person to /ignore or just ignore them.

  • I consider it hypocritical of someone who loves RP so much that not being face-to-face is anathema, yet doesn't seem to mind the dichotomy of being in Seattle and RPing with someone in NYC. Seems to be all right then! /rant over

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