Role Playing Common Folk Elves Edit

Is there such a thing as a common Elf? Of course! There must surely be Elves who are only vintners and poets and laborers. In truth, the question that overrides role playing common Elves is how do you play any kind of Tolkien Elf without seeming to be just be a human clone with pointy ears?

How do you play an Elf? Speaking like one would seem to be a good start, and because we must start somewhere, throw out some Elvish phrases here and there. Here's some phrase books for Sindarin and for Quenya. I haven't played an Elf myself, but our kin mate who plays Fionwe uses the phrase books. I also suggest looking at the conversations of the NPC Elves as you pass - use those and mix them up and /shortcut the ones you like (see Common Watch for more info). The Silmarrillion is a great resource for Elf characters who, though won't be Noldor, will be quite long lived.

An actual report: Fionwe reports that the Common Watch information is very helpful, and he reports having several conversations with other players/Elves who were wrapped up in the battle with Evil. He plays in Celondim, and there are a few quests there that detail the two sides of the Elves in the upcoming War; one side wants to continue to fight for the lands they love because of emotional attachment, and then there is the side that wants to sail West. Fionwe apparently decided to be the apprentice to the shipwright there in Celondim, which ties well with seemingly being unattached to the fate of the land and being ready to sail.

More to come: As The Common Folk progress, we will continue to build up a base of information that will help our Elven kin mates be better commoners of their race.

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