Friends of The Common Folk Edit

As we develop kinship alliances, we'll post our friends here:

  • Your kinship name should be here!

Shire-moot RP Alliance Channel Edit

In the course of seeking a global RP Alliance channel to better communicate with other RP kinships, I came across an old channel called Shire-moot. Its intention is for RP kinships of Landroval to coordinate events and otherwise chatter about ideas and other important details to better serve the whole of the player-base. To join this channel, type /joinchannel Shire-moot into the chat box. The game will assign a # to it for you (1, 2, 3 or 4). A player can only have joined four total player-created channels. The combat/data tab tells you which channel the game assigned for you. To start typing in that channel, make sure the tab you intend to type in has User Channel #(whatever) ticked on, then type /# where the # of course is the channel # assigned by your game client. Enjoy!

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