Going West To Sail Edit

The Common Folk is an amalgam of many races, and this article describes the path that some Elves have taken, are taking and will take in the days ahead. Going West to sail over the Sea is a call to Elves, and any Elf who has seen the sea forever more has the call deep in their hearts; not just Elves for it is also said Samwise felt the call for the rest of his life.

Going West is a trial and a journey and only the beginning. I want to create random, but regular events in which a small band of Elves travels West through the woodlands, occasionally stopping in the heather or meadowlands to refresh and sing songs. The kinship, Tirn en Taur, also has a similar concept called Daerland an i Annun-Aearath. In my vision of these similar RP-events, I don't intend to announce them, and instead let random players come upon them as they might, suggestive of the idea of Elves traveling West.

More details: This idea isn't a story per se about particular characters traveling West to the Grey Havens. This is an RP-event meant to add life to Middle-earth, and to interact with other non-West players to add mystery and depth to their RP adventure. If the game would let us, I'd turn off my name and all tags and titles, and simply be an Elf going West. Of course, as a character, I want to experience this journey too - to see what's it like to leave a land I've known for longer years than many could count. Unlike I want the other players who happen upon us to pick-up what we're about, to experience it from their view. They may interact with us, they might not. It is purely a blank slate RP-event.

Where/When: I would like to make these random, but regular. The interested Elves who want to set-up a particular time can mail me in-game or post in the wiki forums. I'd like to start out in the Lone Lands just up the hillside beyond the Forsaken Inn. We'd walk through the woodlands, making our way through the Chetwood and across Bree-land till we hit the Branduin. After that, a pass through the Shire and up into Ered Luin. We'd sing as we walked, meaning a player of this small band could type out the song lyrics. Each player could contribute something as we wallked - not all at once, but here and there. We'd find nice spots to stop here and there as well, refreshing ourselves and playing music. Maybe someone might see us, maybe they won't or won't necessarily equate it. Its a passive mystery that I consider very Elf-like.

Wiki Forums: I have set-up a forum post about this idea. Please post there for discussion and planning.

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