Role Playing a Common-Folk Hobbit Edit

The game LoTRO allows Hobbits to go questing, raiding, battle evil here and afar. The Professor had narrowed that to a very few select Hobbits, and so the common, everyday Hobbit would be against such things. That is the mindset of role playing Hobbits with The Common Folk. The best source for proper Tolkien Hobbits (as some in our kinship have been commended) is to read The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. I find that chapters 1 and 2 of The Hobbit are especially welcome and educational for starters, and then Chapter 19. The whole first section of The Lord of the Rings is good reading because the Professor expounds on the ways of Hobbits for some length before getting into the actual story; whereupon you can read about Bilbo's Party!

What would Common Folk Hobbits generally be like? Here's a distilled list:

  • Hobbits love the Shire
  • Hobbits come in rich and poor and middle-classes
  • Hobbits tend to find the more respectable types to be those who do not adventure or do things unexpectedly
  • Hobbits are fairly secluded (in their own minds mostly), and find strangers odd and audacious and even a little scary
  • Hobbits love food, drink and parties
  • Hobbits love to hear stories, especially family-related stories
  • Hobbits love to give mathoms, and give gifts to others on their birthdays

What does a Common-folk Hobbit sound like? Well, just like other people. Simpler words are better, and careful selection of your Hobbit's history/family will indicate how 'base' your chatter will be. Mortimus Burrowe, a Hobbit kin mate, is a very proper and respectable Hobbit by all accounts. His /say is eloquent and not without a little bit of irritating 'high poppy-ness.' Whereas my own character, Rerilac, is a common farmer and a fisherman. Here's an example of the two meeting:

Mortimus: "Good morning, Sir." /e nods

Rerliac: "Hullo! How are you this fine day?" /wave

Mortimus: "I am well enough. What of yourself?"

Rerilac: "Good'n, and a day to be good on and a day that is good, all at once."

Mortimus: "Indeed. But I forget my manners. I am Mortimus Burrowe, of Hobbiton." /point hands you his card!

Rerilac: "Rerilac, of the Bumbleroots. I'd not 'pect you to remember it tomorrow though."

More to come!

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