NPC Sociability & Pranking Edit

In the course of time on LoTRO, we've passed by probably every NPC. Most have something to say, over and over again. The player who plays Ansono tells me that its quite a bit of fun to stand by the side or roads or near other NPCs and just sputter off random bits of text. He apparently takes the phrases of the NPCs and turns them about in some way so that its different, but funny or maddening or whatever. I've tried it myself, and it has its moments. Whereas Ansono can do that for hours, I have to have a little more . . . involvement, which I call Pranking (later).

So what is NPC Sociability? Well, a Common Folker can set up a series of /shortcuts on their skillbar and then go find a good location where other players may be around. When someone comes by, hit one of your preprogrammed /shortcuts and let it lie. Ansono has like twenty or more /shortcuts I think as I've heard him say all kinds of things on the fly. Of course, one funny anecdote is that it appears Ansono plays at being an NPC so well that some newer players will click on him! It is fairly obvious that's what they are doing. Now that's pretty funny! I think turning our /rp off would make it harder for players to distinguish us as real and not. I'll have to try that myself!

Pranking? Well, not being one to be too NPC-like, I realized that the players running pies or mail around the Shire might need a little bit of a shake-up as they go about their business. Indeed, if people even for a moment think of you as an NPC, then set yourself up at good spots where these quest-runners usually go so as to "catch" them. I did this the other day, it was funny! I stood near a crossroad where I've seen many a pie runner travel to avoid hungry Hobbits. I set up an appropriate /shortcut that imitates the hungry Hobbits! I would fire that sucker off when a pie runner came my way. I had several people stop, turn then run off. Didn't really affect their quest, but it caused enough 'stun' to make them stop. Most said grr or damn you! in /say, but one poor fellow asked in /advice how come he was still carrying the pie if the quest failed. I realized the prank might be too ruthless if left without resolution, so I yelled at him to run! Run! He made it of course. But still . . . mighty funny.

The same could go for mail runners. Or if you're of the mind, perhaps chase after them yelling for the thief to stop. I got funny remarks on that one too.--Common Folk 03:12, 4 June 2009 (UTC)

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