Rerilac Bumbleroot

Rerilac Bumbleroot is a fisherman, the nephew of Weigela Bumbleroot (who before getting married was herself a Greenhand). The Bumbleroots lived in Oatbarton, but the goblins that now infest the upper Greenfields came through the outlying woods of Oatbarton on their warpath; the Bumbleroots' farm was burned, and the livestock slaughtered by the rampaging goblins. Only the happenstance of a Woman passing-by, one of the Big Folk, helped save the Bumbleroots.

Rerilac and Weigela took up the offer of the Woman to travel south into the Shire, where they helped build the Brackenacre homestead near the Southfarthing. Rerilac's father, Ansono took up with them.

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